Chosen One
Decentralized Content Platform

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Make the contribution of each user valuable

ChosenOne is a utility token issued by a decentralized content platform. Promote content construction and value circulation through cryptocurrency rewards. Contributors can directly receive returns on the platform

Value Carrier

As a carrier of value, Chosen One Token not only circulates in the ecosystem, but also builds a larger value ecosystem. With the appreciation of tokens, users will also get higher content revenue, and enjoy the practicality and convenience brought by the major application fields of the platform.

Value Driver

Chosen One Token is the basic constituent element of the economic system and an important incentive for encouraging content. Everyone who contributes will receive a substantial token reward. When people are recognized for their contributions, they will continue to contribute, prompting the platform to grow positively.

Expand the field of token applications

The future content platform will become the underlying foundation, develop more practical applications, combine live broadcast and chat systems, connecting with strong demand functions such as entertainment and payment, and create a social entertainment ecosystem to allow each token users hold is more valuable and greatly increases the user experience and the usability of the platform.


Chosen One Token provides substantial rewards for user contributions, uses value distribution to reconstruct value relationships, and encourages users to share articles to the outside, promoting internal and external community links, thereby attracting more users to enter and introduce quality content through incentives.
In addition to the potential for the value-added space of tokens, we will also launch a community review mechanism in the future. Users can mortgage a certain number of tokens to become reviewers, and can receive tokens as rewards by initiating article reviews and successfully completing votes. If malicious review or voting is initiated, the system will withdraw the tokens and the right to review.
The incentive system of Chosen One Token is called "behavior mining", which rewards participants who make ecological contributions to the overall ecology, including post, comment, invitation and sharing. After the user contributes to the system, the system will automatically convert the behavior data into the corresponding Chosen One Token through internal algorithms to give the user an actual and valuable reward.
At present, the content platform is being built and optimized comprehensively, and external users are invited to conduct user testing through absolute confidentiality, and is committed to providing the best user experience. The content platform actually falls online in June 2020 Before and after.